FROM COP TO THOT - Ex Police Officer Gets Her First ROUGH Pounding


Merida Sat is a super hot ex-police officer with an athletic build and a great ass! Today, the brave girl ventures into the adult entertainment industry with none other than Martin Spell! He became enamored with the pretty brunette as soon as she picked up his big shaft and started straight up vacuuming the poor thing. Seems like they are a perfect match. Martin Cantrell slams into her from behind, his hips bucking with the force of each thrust, his fingers digging into her hips as he drives deeper. Merida cries out, arching her back as she meets his every stroke. They're a perfect rhythm, their bodies in sync as they move towards the release they both crave with every fiber of their beings. Merida moans into Martin's ear, her breath ragged and needy. She's lost in the frenzy of their passion, every touch, every thrust, every moan feeding the fire that burns within her. Martin stands up all of a sudden, and puts her down on the bed, spreads her legs and starts rubbing her clit. She moans softly, her body arching towards his as he expertly pleasures her with his skilled hands. Her hips undulate beneath her, matching his rhythm as he fingers her. As they reached the pinnacle of their desire, she astride him, rode him like a wild stallion, her hips bucking in a frenzy. The heat of his body seared into her soul, and the friction between them sent shockwaves of ecstasy throughout their bodies. He watches, entranced, as the teen slut takes his length into her mouth, her tongue swirling and twirling, driving him wild. His fingers thread through her hair, guiding her, gently urging her to go deeper. With a final, grinding thrust, Martin releases into her mouth, his orgasm shaking him to his core. Merida swallows gladly and smiles for the camera!


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