THROATED - She Almost Couldn't Take It


Tabitha Poison and Butt Spencer are taking full advantage of the dark room they're in. They are in the sixty-nine position, sucking each other off, before they move on to classic dick riding. After Spencer has had enough of Tabitha riding his cock, he throws her on her back and jackhammers her pussy, hard! Then he turns her over and starts fucking her from behind, grabbing her neck as he smashes her. Again, he turns her over on her back and chokes her while disassembling her dripping wet pussy. After that, they get off the bed, spencer stands up, while Tabitha is on her knees sucking his cock whole. Spencer needs a bit more action, so he puts Tabitha on the bed, so her head hangs off of it, and then he proceeded to fuck her face until it goes red. Once he's had enough of fucking Tabitha's face, he decides to return the favor, so he spread her legs apart and licks her pussy for a bit. Not too long after that, Spencer becomes super horny again and decides to return to regular old fucking. He puts her on all fours on the bed and then fucks her until he is near climax, and then he takes out his cock to bust his load all over Tabitha's face.


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